Monday, April 4, 2011

Andy Samberg is Nicholas Cage with Jake Gyllenhaal

On 'Get In The Cage,' Nicholas Cage tries to figure out why he wasn't asked to be in Jake's new movie, 'Source Code.'

This is a hilarious segment! I hope they do it again!

Starting at 2:14, Seth loses it, laughing mostly off camera (I think he was holding it in until the camera cut off him).

Wow, Jake's a hardcore professional. Not even a minor crack. Jake appeared in Iran So Far, so I'm sure all they had to was think of this and run the idea by Jake for him to jump at it.

This is Andy's 5th appearance as Nicholas Cage. His first was on 11.07.2009. Jimmy Fallon also did Nick Cage once in 1999.

Andy's two Weekend Update appearances as Nicholas Cage have been the funniest (versus playing Nick Cage in ensemble skits).


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