Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tina Fey to host SNL on May 7th (and all Tina's guest appearances)

I think this makes sense. After all, Tina was nominated for acting on SNL for the last three season! And her win was in 2009 for guest starring as Governor Palin in the Presidential Bash.

We list all of Tina Fey's SNL guest appearances below this article...


What maternity leave? Tina Fey will host Saturday Night Live on May 7, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It will be the third time [EDitor: Not true! See notes below article!] that 30 Rock star and creator, who announced her pregnancy earlier this week, will return to Studio 8H. She last hosted a year ago and later appeared in the Mother's Day edition of SNL, hosted by Betty White.

No word if Fey will reprise her Emmy-winning take as Sarah Palin. But Fey wrote in her new book, Bossypants, that she thinks her impersonation of Palin didn't help 30 Rock's ratings.

Will 30 Rock end next year? Alec Baldwin says yes

"My TV show still enjoys very low ratings," she wrote. "In fact, I think the Palin stuff may have hurt the TV show. Let's face it, between Alec Baldwin and me there is a certain fifty percent of the population who think we are pinko Commie monsters."

Are you excited to see Fey back on SNL?


Okay that bit of Tina Fey only appearing on SNL two previous times after leaving the show... is just not true.

Tina Fey has been incredibly prolific on SNL after she left the show, and she was Emmy nominated once for acting on the show when she was on the show (her last season), but she's been nominated twice for acting on the show after leaving the show. (I argue that she became more famous when she left SNL than when she was ever on it.)

Here are all her guest appearances (13) from after she left the show:

11.11.2006 - Alec Baldwin hosted, and Tina appeared in the monologue. Alec is her costar on 30 Rock (and she's the reason why he got that gig and a new jumpstart in his career).

02.23.2008 - Tina's first hosting gig on SNL.

04.05.2008 - Christopher Walken hosted. They aired the Annuale commercial again from her Feb 08 hosting gig. This counts!

09.13.2008 - Michael Phelps hosted. Tina appeared as Palin opposite Amy Poehler's Hillary Clinton in the Cold Open. This was her first appearance as Palin (and they rushed her onto the show for this).

09.27.2008 - Anna Faris hosted. Tina appeared as Palin opposite Amy Poehler's Katie Couric.

10.04.2008 - Anne Hathaway hosted. Tina appeared as Palin in the Cold Open, a Vice Presidential Debate.

10.18.2008 - Josh Brolin hosted. Tina appeared in the Cold Open as Palin for the Palin Press Conference. It got busted by the real Sarah Palin. Alec Baldwin appeared (and mistook Sarah for Tina), and Mark Wahlberg also appeared (looking for Andy Samberg to score his revenge). It was like backstage at a wrestling event! When Palin came onto the stage, Tina fled (she was warned by Alec).

10.23.2008 - Tina appeared on Weekend Update Thursday, opposite Will Ferrell's George Bush in the Cold Opening.

11.01.2008 - Ben Affleck hosted. Tina appeared in the Cold Opening as Palin, opposite the real Sen. John McCain.

03.14.2009 - Tracy Morgan hosted, Tina's costar on 30 Rock. Tina appered in the Cold Open as Tracy stormed back on SNL (getting past security and others).

04.10.2010 - Tina's second hosting gig.

05.08.2010 - Betty White hosted for Mothers Day. Tina Fey and many other SNL lady legends showed up to support.

09.25.2010 - Tina already appeared once this season. Amy Poehler hosted. Tina appeared in a dream sequence during her Monologue.

So there you go. This is her third hosting gig and 14th appearance on SNL since she left (but it's mostly because of all her Palin appearances).


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