Saturday, April 2, 2011

Andy Samberg and TLI's hilarious Jimmy Fallon interview & "We're Back"

So Andy Samberg and the dudes sit down with Jimmy Fallon and talk it out.

Elton John digital short tonight! However, from the way Andy announced it, methinks it is not a musical digital short. But we'll see!

Andy Samberg coins the term "I Biebered" by referring to winking. It's also funny that of the four of them, Jimmy was the one to crack, "Pulling a Bieber is something totally different." Hilarious!

The Lonely Island boys show off their rejected album covers and reveal the final photo: “Turtleneck & Chain,” which Jorma explains was what they were wearing when they met in 7th grade. My favorite album cover was Andy's: 3 Morks. That would have been awesome! Keep it Simple was also pretty funny (we showed that one here already). Which was your favorite?

I suspect they weren't really rejected. They just brainstormed a lot of crazy ideas and turned all the funny ones into album covers.

I'm thinking that they might actually show more digital shorts on Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy has time to kill every night, and they can't always get their digital shorts in on SNL (this week it would be because this one is pure shock value and they have wanted to do one with Elton John instead). So maybe they'll show more shorts on Jimmy Fallon when they don't fit on SNL for whatever reason.

This is good for us fans, because that means more digital shorts from the dudes!

Watch the world premiere of The Lonely Island “We’re Back” music video:

Um, yeah, The Lonely Island has grown up? A total shock song. They announce that Akiva has a baby. Is it true? Probably, because the rumors are going around and they just spoke of it, but I'm not 100% certain.

I'm a little disappointed with this song, because I don't find these shock songs funny (reminds me of Roy Rules, Sloths, Tucker's Song, and Giraffes). What do you think?

And the reality is that half this song is bleeped. You can find the uncensored version on their YouTube channel.

All well, at least their interview was hilarious.


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