Monday, March 28, 2011

VIDEO: Car Magazine’s ‘Oh F…’ Moment when Journo Breaks Ferrari FF

Automobile accidents can and will always happen, but it’s one thing denting your personal ride and another when you smash a £227,026 [equal to about US$367,000 or €260,000] loaner car from Ferrari. And that’s exactly what happened to Car Magazine’s reviewer Jethro Bovingdon during a test drive with the brand new Ferrari FF when he came in contact with a kerb.

Here’s what the British magazine had to say about the incident: “Car had a small altercation with the scenery when we drove the new Ferrari FF.” As you can see in the video after the break, Bovingdon, who was taping himself at the time of the mishap, used a far more expressive language [NSFW, mind you].
Unfortunately, up until now, we don’t have any photos or a video showing the damage to the Ferrari FF.


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