Thursday, March 24, 2011

Andy Samberg and TLI - Filter interview

Here is some text from the Filter interview that The Lonely Island did:

Andy: Also, we don’t sleep, because sleep is the cousin of death. But we do nap. Which is kind of like the great-nephew of death.

Akiva: Nap is the cousin of life.

Andy: What happens if naps and sleep have a baby together; is that the Antichrist?

Akiva: I think that’s puking, right? Puking is the son of naps and sleep.

Can you explain each of your roles in the group? Is that even possible?

Akiva: It’s very easy, I can just tell you. Just rent Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and you’ll basically have it right there. In fairness, you could just watch the first movie as well, but The Squeakquel is kind of the Empire Strikes Back of the Chipmunk movies.

Andy: The impending triad.

Akiva: In case you need more explained, I’m clearly Simon. And then the little fat one, Jorm, is obviously Theodore. The hunky lead, the arrogant, cocky jerk stealing the spotlight, who’s clearly Alvin, is Andy.

Jorma: He even has a big A on his chest. For “Adultery.”

Andy: In a lot of ways, I like to think Lorne Michaels is Dave.

Jorma: I don’t think that me being the fat one is really a personality trait.

Andy: No, the sweet, fat one.

Jorma: Thank you! Thank you for that adjective.

Andy: I also really don’t want to wash over the fact that we all believe the A on Alvin’s sweatshirt is for “Adultery.”

Jorma: You find that out in the movie.

Andy: The classic tale of The Squeakquel.

What is it like to direct and be directed by your best friends?

Jorma: Awful.

Andy: I love it.

Jorma: What’s funny is that I think there’s very little difference in what we do now from what we did when we had no money and nobody helping us. It’s just that there’s a lot more super-skilled people around doing all the jobs we used to do, like making props. When it comes down to it, it’s just the three of us fucking around and trying to make comedy.

Andy: The honest answer is it’s great, because we have a shorthand with each other, we don’t have to babysit each other’s feelings, we can just say, “No, that’s wrong, do it this way,” and it gets done a lot faster and better.

Akiva: There’s no tiptoeing.


Thanks to Anony for finding this interview! Let us know if anybody finds more of it!


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